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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Science: Home Science Tools

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Home Science Tools offers a Montessori kit for those using AMI Montessori Elementary albums: Home Science Tools

It contains almost all the science supplies you need for the geography and biology albums - for 10% lower than purchasing the items individually (use an additional 10% coupon and the kit is even cheaper!

(I do not make any money when you purchase that kit - it is simply something I set up to make the obtaining of the needed materials easier for those who are using AMI elementary Montessori albums)

This Kit is now discontinued - so many people went to the site, bought the individual items and not the kit (despite the 10% discount) - so there were not enough sales on the kit itself for HST to continue offering it.

However, HST still carries almost all of the items you need to do all the science and biology work from the AMI Montessori Elementary albums - please see information in those albums for what is available and what is not (there are two items you cannot get there - one is magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts - look in the pharmacy area of your local grocery store) ---- the other is a fertilizer ingredient - look at gardening stores!)).

Montessori Keys of the Universe Kit