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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Science in a Box: Montessori Lectures

Science Kit at Montessori Lecture

Materials consist of user guide and science cards only. Boxes and content not included 

Science In A Box

  • Science in a Box consists of individual cards, each with a basic science experiment, which may be used in a non-consecutive order. The activities of Science in a Box provide an active, problem-solving approach to the study of science. They introduce the children to scientific concepts including the properties of air and water, electricity, magnetism, light, sound, force and motion, and simple chemistry experiments. This material provides ease for teachers and parents without the difficutly of long term preparation, since items need only to be gathered at the time of initial set-up. The activities are very easy to follow and the 'hands-on approach' of each activity promotes an interest in science.
  • Each card has a list of materials needed, simple steps to follow, and questions asking about each activity. The back of each card answers the questions and explains the experiment.
  • Most activities can be done by children ages 3-6 years with minimal guidance. Older students, who read well, can be expected to do most of the experiments independently. The user guide contains a glossary with simple explanations of terms which can be used by adults to explain experiments to younger children, or used independently by the older student.
  • A list of materials required for the science experiments is provided. These consist of common items which easily can be obtained and stored in a large crate. A few items which need to be replenished on a regular basis are typically stored in a small box separately. It is convenient to store the experiment cards in a large index card box. Adults may set out a specific experiment, introduce the procedure, and then have the activity available for use of the younger child. Older students may choose a card and gather on a tray the materials needed to perform the experiment independently.
  • • Set consists of over 85 Science Activities
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