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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Science Explorations: Primary and Early Lower Elementary

The AMI albums feel rather light on the chemistry; many people flesh that out with Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, with correlation chart here: Montessori Trails.

Others may choose to go the route of Inquiry in Action - either in addition to or instead of other options. This pdf of science explorations covers both elementary and middle school (adolescence) and the website includes resources for high school as well.

Perfect for homeschooling Montessori!

From the website:

What causes certain substances to dissolve in water? Why do some liquids bead up on wax paper while others spread out? These questions and many more are explored in Inquiry in Action, a 470-page resource of guided, inquiry-based activities that covers basic chemistry concepts along with the process of scientific investigation.
The book helps students:
  • Ask scientific questions and investigate them
  • Design experiments
  • Record observations
  • Draw conclusions
  • Communicate their findings
It also includes extensive science background for teachers, including:
  • Strategic questioning
  • Teacher demonstrations
  • Detailed procedures for experiments
  • Student activity sheets
  • Preparation notes
  • Assessments

Monday, December 8, 2014

EEME - Monthly Electronics Projects

From the website:

Build a New Electronics Project Every Month

  • Teach your 7-12 year old kid about resistors, LED's, transistors, and much more using real electronic components with EEME's monthly project curriculum.
  • Everything comes in the monthly package - batteries, wires - ready to go.
  • Electronics experience not required - learn with your kid.
  • FREE shipping, risk-free (one-click cancel anytime)