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Monday, June 18, 2012

People of the Ancient World - series of books

Scholastic now publishes this great set of books. The books are mostly 6th grade reading level and appropriate for history studies of the Montessori elementary children. Scholastic lists the Mayan book as 3rd grade reading level; reviews are forthcoming when our copy arrives!

These books are great for pulling information to give to the lower elementary children, then inviting the 3rd graders to read selections for themselves. With wonderful artwork, non-bias explanations, the civilizations shine forth on their own merit, demonstrating to the children their development and decline over periods of centuries.

A list of available books on Amazon - as of the date of this post, all the books are available for less than $10 each, and are on 4-for-3 - buy 4 and the 4th is free! includes free super saver shipping too!

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