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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All Subjects: In the Hands of a Child
In the Hands of a Child

This website is so fantastic for a unit study based on a child's interest.

Do you have trouble sorting out how to keep personal research going? Or have a topic you want to cover as a family but don't have time or energy to plan it out?

This site has a variety of options, ever-growing, for lapbooks - but you don't have to just make lapbooks - you can use the same information and activities to make a posterboard display instead, or just put each activity on its own page in a notebook (get a one-subject notebook for each project you do) with lots of space for the child to add in his own ideas and the results of his own studies.

Don't use these for every single follow-up or research project, but especially to fill in an area that you or your children are wallowing around not sure where to go or you have something that has to be learned but there is just no interest - THIS is the place to go!

And they have stuff for ages preschool through high school!

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