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Monday, December 3, 2012

Maitri Learning - Environment downloads

Maitri Learning, LLC

Maitri Learning has a series of downloads that are OH so helpful for organizing a Montessori space - whether at school or at home.

These guides are most helpful in a rough determination of what is going to be "school" and what is going to be "home" in a homeschool environment.

And are definitely helpful for teachers in schools. I love her recommendation in every one:
JUST FOLLOW YOUR ALBUMS! If it's not in your albums, it's not on the shelves!

This is a top-notch statement for all teachers whether at school or at home. And at home, it can help delineate "school" lessons from just being home and living life (though the items will be related - some items should be "school" such as the number rods, but some items are "home" such as legos connected together to re-create the number rods!).

I am not over-excited about the downloadable papers for primary level, but they could prove useful for some people :)

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