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Friday, January 4, 2013

Human Geography: Book samples

This organization publishes fantastic books to "share the joy of reading".

They offer a variety of books for purchase, for oneself or to send on to libraries in African countries for people of all ages to learn to read.

One of the books we recently received from a friend who had recently traveled to Ghana is David's Day at the Mine by Deborah Cowley, photos by Kathy Knowles.

The reading is ideal for new readers looking for something solid to read - a step above the popular-in-Montessori-environment Rookie Readers - and VERY appropriate for the early elementary foundation work in Human Geography. The story we received focuses on the people involved in the process of mining as well as the process itself. In the Human Geography Montessori work, we strive to focus on the people involved in the process and this book makes it VERY real.

I cannot find this book on their website, but perhaps an e-mail inquiry might bring it up ;)

The company is based in Canada, so Canadian Montessorians will even better enjoy the books that cover the differences and similarities of life in Tanzania and Ghana compared to life in Canada; but all cultures I think will find these books of interest.

Human Geography work is a precursor to the Economic Geography work.

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