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Friday, February 21, 2014

Economic Geography: Rubber Stamps

Economic Geography Stamps available at Garden of Francis

Not actually rubber - they're polymer and will last much longer than rubber -

Montessori Elementary Economic Geography Stamps - corresponding with the Keys of the Universe Montessori Elementary Geography Album chapter on Economic Geography.
Each polymer (not rubber, but like rubber) stamp image measures 3/4 inch at its widest; mounted on a 1 inch square cube - with the image imprinted on the top of each cube for easy reference.
Select which set you would like: the core set contains 26 images of mineral, plant and animal resources; the supplementary set contains 14 additional images in more specific items.
Each corresponding tackle-box comes with a cardstock print-out of the included images for that set.
CONTENTS CORRESPOND WITH AMI MONTESSORI ELEMENTARY TRAINING ALBUMS. And are most specifically designed for Keys of the Universe albums.
Purchase your own ink pads according to the color designations of your choice (see the elementary Montessori geography album for further details).

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